[HaikuPorts-devs] Go Language port.

Bruno Albuquerque bga at bug-br.org.br
Tue Nov 17 09:45:55 PST 2009


I am porting the Go language top Haiku. As part of this I just
committed implementations for wait3() and wait4() in the BSD
compatibility library so if you have any problems that use it, porting
will be easier.

That being said, there is some weirdness in the Go build system that I
am not sure how to work around: The build system uses make in general
but it has several bash scripts used to start compilation and so other
tasks. The problem is that those bash scripts are using the following
construct for the #! line:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

This does not work under Haiku (as we do not have /usr/bin and env is
under /bin) but I am not sure of there is a portable way to solve
this. Any suggestions?


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