[HaikuPorts-devs] Haiku Ports and TiltOS

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sun Apr 25 13:35:18 PDT 2010

Am 25.04.2010 um 21:50 schrieb David Couzelis:

> What is the relationship between Haiku Ports and TiltOS?
> The reason I ask this is because I am concerned about duplicated
> effort in porting software to Haiku. For example, in Haiku Ports
> "intltool" is labeled as "broken" with the comment "Requires
> XML::Parser Perl module, not present on Haiku. Installing through cpan
> fails." But, both "intltool" and "XML::Parser" have already been
> ported in the TiltOS project.

Some information on HaikuPorts may simply be out-of-date. I haven't re- 
tried XML::Parser myself but some others that previously failed worked  
fine now. That particular BePorts log entry is from me, not from this  
year, and two more recent port attempts, apparently successful, are  
linked from the same page. We do not delete the old information, we  
add updates.

> This is my current understanding of the two projects: (please correct
> me if I am wrong)
> Haiku Ports:
> - Supported by Haiku Inc.

> - Does not include software that overlaps with functionality that is
> built into the Haiku operating system. For example, GTK+ will not be
> included in Haiku Ports because you can use the interface-kit instead.

That's wrong. Completely wrong.

HaikuPorts, formerly BePorts was created as the central place to  
document and collaborate on ports.
While hosting is kindly provided through Haiku Inc., no one has  
forbidden us to work on GTK+ or any other particular port.

Porting is not a self-purpose, and people in the HaikuPorts community  
have had different goals. Personally, I am working towards .NET/Mono  
support and related development tools. Others have been porting games  
and their dependencies. Again others system libraries necessary for  
Haiku itself. So my guess is no one has seen a real need for GTK+ and  
its dependency is a little scary. GLib itself has quite a few, so I  
have settled for porting Mono's eglib library for now. If you want to  
volunteer for GTK+ don't let yourself get discouraged!

Feel welcome to get yourself a Trac account and add or update the  
PortsLog and to post patches as tickets.

Note that information between the Port Log (Wiki) and the .bep files  
for the HaikuPorter application is not necessarily in sync. The best  
way to tackle the situation IMO is to not only pile up patches for  
compilation but to review the existing set up patches and to try to  
push as many of them as possible "upstream" into the respective  
projects, so that all users get them with the next release, whatever  
website/tool they prefer to use.

> TiltOS:
> - Port as much software and as many libraries to Haiku as possible.

Pingwinek / TiltOS as I understood rather had the goal of being a  
Haiku distribution, along with software. Some early glib patches I saw  
at Pingwinek were rather ugly hacks to keep the software compiling  
rather than fully working. That may well have improved in the meantime.

> Even if the two projects have different goals, a lot of work could be
> shared between the two.

Fully agree. This mailing list was set up for discussing any porting- 
to-Haiku issues, whether you finally document it in the HaikuPorts  
Wiki or in your personal blog or elsewhere or not at all. ;)

> Is there something that is stopping anyone
> from adding many of the software packages in TiltOS to Haiku Ports?

No. Just keep in mind IPR, by naming or linking to the original  
source. Or by getting a Signed-off-by from the original porter when  
required by the project's policy.


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