[HaikuPorts-devs] LibreOffice dependencies

Coursière Olivier olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Wed Jul 9 15:00:46 PDT 2014

Le 05/07/2014 03:17, Kacper Kasper a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am working on LibreOffice port for Haiku. I already asked on
> LibreOffice ML whether The Document Foundation is willing to accept
> our patches and they didn't have any objections [1]. Actually they
> strongly encouraged to send patches upstream early in the development.
Nice to see someone else interested in this port !
> Right now most of modules compile but nothing runs yet, probably due
> to not all of them being built. In order to make full LO build some
> libraries need to be ported. I can handle porting most of them but
> there are a few I am stuck on: at this moment nspr and nss. I uploaded
> initial recipes to haikuports recently, if anyone feels up to
> finishing the port (or just giving some guidance), that'd be great. I
> know asking for ports is not welcome here but on the other hand I
> can't do everything by myself.
On a related note, i have started a related effort on Open Office for 
kids a few years ago [1]. It is a lightweight version of Open Office (it 
was before LibreOffice fork). At that time, it was better to start with 
that as some dependencies not available under Haiku were already 
removed, like Java (though no longer a problem under Haiku). I have not 
a lot of time to work on that, but still ready to give a hand in such an 
effort. With OOo4Kids, i was up to the point where everything compile, 
but the graphic layer (VCL) is mostly an empty shell. There might be 
interesting ideas and/or code available there.
The OOo4Kids wiki is currently down. The latest version of the document 
describing my build process is available in [2]. There is some 
workarounds described in this document. I am not sure all apply for 
LibreOffice. The last build was done on Haiku without package 
management. This explain references to haikuporter in the instructions.

Good luck !


[1] http://adullact.net/projects/ooo4kids1/

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